A New Era of Engagement

It’s been a couple of weeks now since Secretary of State Clinton delivered her major foreign policy speech at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC.

For those of you who have not yet seen this speech, I encourage you to take a look at it because it details a new era of U.S. partnership and engagement in foreign policy. By the way, you can also watch the speech at this video link.

In short, these are the major messages in Secretary Clinton’s speech.

  • In a new spirit of global cooperation, the U.S. seeks to engage partners around the world to work together on solving the world’s problems.
  • The U.S. approach to foreign policy must reflect the world as it is, not as it used to be.
  • The U.S. understands the importance of offering to engage Iran and giving its leaders a choice to join the international community as a responsible member or to continue down a path to further isolation.
  • Through an architecture of cooperation, the U.S. will join with new global partners to solve the world’s problems. Through global partnerships, together, we will achieve wonderful progress around the world.

I find Secretary Clinton’s messages of global partnership and renewed engagement around the world particularly compelling. And I’m interested in your thoughts.

So, in this renewed spirit of partnership and cooperation, I invite you to leave a comment or two sharing your thoughts and perspective on Secretary Clinton’s speech.


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  1. Sounds good!

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