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Ambassador James Keith

Ambassador James Keith

Since my arrival in Malaysia, I have had many invitations from various Malaysian organizations to speak and usually I focus on what both our societies, the United States and Malaysia, can do to take our bilateral relationship further. It has always been an honor to be invited by these prestigious local organizations and a privilege to associate with groups of dynamic Malaysians interested both in what is going on in their country and in what is happening beyond Malaysia’s shores.

In my presentations, I have emphasized that I see both the United States and Malaysia to be running on parallel tracks, embarking on “new beginnings” with new leaders at the helm of both countries. We both have stakes in ensuring a politically stable and economically progressive global village where security issues and climate change are among current challenges.
Top on the minds of Malaysians seem to be how the U.S. will manage its economy as that has direct and indirect implications for its trading partners—both pros and cons of globalization. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act lays a foundation for economic recovery and you can read all about it on the White House website. And most of the Embassy’s initiatives are posted on the U.S. Embassy Kuala Lumpur website . These include other important issues from education and cultural exchanges to Middle East peace to ASEAN and regional developments.

I have also focused on the benefits of partnerships and shared objectives with Malaysia. And now, as an additional initiative I wish to engage with Malaysians from all spheres of life to find out from them what their perspectives are in bolstering our bilateral relationship, hence this new blog. In mediums like the blog, you are free to express your opinions as candidly as you wish. But please observe the general parameters of blog etiquette, so that your comments and good ideas may be published.

James R. Keith


11 Responses

  1. If we will internalise and support Obama’s philosophy, both our countries and the rest of Muslim world will grow thier collective relationship of mutual trust with the U.S. in dispensing justice, care to make this world a better place to live in. May God continue to grant us the necessary wisdom.

  2. Mr Ambassador,

    I’m Nambee from AFS Malaysia and im glad to see the extra effort with the blog. A malaysian currently in Minnesota, personally I think this blog can help me be in the loop of whats going on between Kuala Lumpur and Washington.

    Hope to see more content as time goes.

    Good job and thank you.

  3. Hi James,
    Thank you for keeping a good relation with us Malaysians and I really appreciate it. It is important for Persident Obama and US public to understand the Muslim’s faith towards Islam as the faith is something that other (religion) hard to comprehend. The chaos in Gaza is something that the US government has to look deep into as Jerussalem is a sacred spot for the Muslim and just can’t let the Jews take control of it. We Muslims are willing to die in order to secure Jerussalem and by killing the palestinians will definitely won’t solve the problem.

    I’ll be waiting for the speech at abt 6.10pm Malaysian Time.

    • Hello Mr. Ambassador,
      Selamat Datang to Malaysia. I do hope that you will find personal & professional fulfillment whilst serving your country as its Ambassador to Malaysia. But as you can see your aim to build better/stronger ties will be going to be quite difficult when you have Malaysian Muslims like Mr. Izwan Sahari who do not realise that the US – Malaysian relationship is & must be independent of Islam, Jerusalem and the so called Palestinian issue. As long as individuals like Mr. Sahari think that the mess, created by the Arabs themselves in the Middle East, is an American problem and insisting on tying up everything into this muddle, it will be a hard ask to get everyone onto the same page and see how beneficial it has and will be for Malaysia to have the US as a good friend. But having said that, I am sure that you will give it your all and the majority of Malaysians will be happy to have you and the US as a good sahabat of this nation.
      Kind Regards.

      C Gregory

  4. Very warm welcome to the blogsphere in Malaysia. I am sure this forum would provide yet another bridge between my country and my people and yours. cheers.

  5. Warm welcome to the blogsphere. Great to see you here. Had met you on various occasions in Penang and hopefully this blog will bridge you with some of the citizens of Malaysia and your country .

  6. Dear James,
    Saw this article in the Star and have decided to write. I have a son who is working in Mountain View and another studying in Madison. US is a great country and it should expand its feelers to get more Malaysians to study there besides Great Britain and Australia.
    There is plenty to learn in terms of race relations in Malaysia and at this moment in time Malaysian politics in getting very interesting!

  7. Dear Mr Ambassador

    Welcome to Malaysia.We hope your stint here would be enjoyable and great.Please vist our beaches and the islands and the villages.Please go to Sabah and Sarawak esp look at the tropical forest, mountains and caves.They are equally awesome as the ones found in the US.
    We like America and the people
    We have children educated in America and we have been going to the States whenever possible.. In Kalamazoo MI where our daughter once stayed, the neighbours were all excited about Malaysia.
    These people to people interactions must be promoted so that more Americans will undersatand Malaysia
    Malaysia and the US have a lot in common

    Yusoff A

  8. Dear mr Ambassador,

    Welcome to Malaysia and congratulations on the launching of this blogsite. I think it’s not too late to wish you and all fellow Americans a Happy Independence Day. May you live forever in peace and spread love and peace to the world.

    Our world knows the US from 3 main things which I plainly put it from your brands of product, your entertainment industry and your war towards certain parts of the world.

    Who doesn’t know about Coca-Cola or McDonalds or Madonna or Micheal Jackson (RIP), Paris Hilton and then there was war, Hiroshima Nagasaki, Vietnam, Iraq. These are all have bad connotation with them, bad food, bad morals and bad attitude towards other people.

    The current Malaysian administration is having a similar problem. People’s perception. We need to educate the people and the world by being their friends and hopefully once we know each other better we will then put aside our differences and find the common ground.

    I would suggest the US embassy to work closely with as many groups and individuals as possible including the religous group on creating programs, events, retreats, exchange program which will enhance better understanding towards each other.

    Sekianm terima kasih


  9. Dear Ambassador,
    Just would want to wish you and your family ‘A Merry Christmas and a very ‘Happy New Year’. I hope your stay in Malaysia has been most pleasant and continue to be so. May God Bless You Always! Thank you, Xie-Xie, Nandri and Terima Kasih.

  10. Farewell, farewell

    To you
    To Mrs Keith
    And to John

    May your journey
    To Afganistan
    Be safe and sound

    May your mind
    Be blessed with
    Pleasant memories
    Of Malaysian hearts
    Forever to come
    Thank you
    Is just I wish
    To say…….

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